Nice, I get to brag a bit. Well, if you are to trust us to take care of your PC then you actually need to know who will be working on it. My name is Paul, I am the senior Engineer at Laptop Clinic in Blackpool. Industry stalwart for nearly 40 years. Yes, I am old. Honest too, I only know how to tell it how it is!


I started my career in the British Army actually studying electronics. Royal Signals to be precise. I took time out of the military to go to Uni at the University of Natal in South Africa. I actually wanted to study Game Wardening but ended up doing Computer Science and was kindly supported by IBM. Once finished, I returned to active service and continued with subsequent IT related courses. Fortunately, IBM offerd me position in the company and I remained with them for 14 years. They were great

Once I made the decision to leave IBM, I decided self employment was better for myself and family. I completed MCSE and various other courses such as CISCO Networking. When I opened my business, it was to provide my clients with an honest, transparent service that did not require a small mortgage to pay for it. I hated how the IT world could confuse people by talking a different language to anyone else. It always sounded a bit "scammy" to me and worse still, if you do understand it, you would know the word "oversell". I have practiced "Keep it Simple" for many years now. 

In 1999 I began building a client base. Many are still with me today. I opened our service centre and I have always got a full bench full of repairs. We are still here today.

Anyway, enough bragging now. Thanks for reading and I hope we can add you to our loyal customers in the future.