Nice, I get to brag a bit. Well, if you are to trust us to take care of your PC then you actually need to know who will be working on it. My name is Paul, I am the senior Engineer at Laptop Clinic in Blackpool. Industry stalwart for nearly 40 years. Yes, I am old. Honest too, I only know how to tell it how it is!


We are not a call centre. We work out of Blackpool, have our own service centre (Latptop Clinic (NW) Ltd), have 2 fixed landlines and a Company Number. We have, thanks to our great customers, got many reviews and are rated top 3 in TopRated. We have been providing service since 1999.


Trusting someone you do not know to connect to your personal computer is never easy. It's completely understandable given the barrage of scam callers wanting to connect and ultimately try to steal from you. The difference here is, we won't call you. If you call us, its because you need your computer repaired. 

Pricing and Payments - You will find our Remote PC Repairs very Competitive

Payments by Square (Manual) - Paypal (Automated)

How to book a session of Remote Desktop Repair

Call or text us on 07398 704589. We can schedule a convenient slot.  Leave us Contact Details. It's that easy!